About Hanif Farm Industries

Hanif Farm Industries is a market leader agriculture equipment company. We manufacture agriculture related equipments and machinery as well as commercial turf and lawn care equipments. We also deals a range of tractors like Massey Ferguson, Belarus, Ursus etc. We have operated for over 50 years in world’s fastest growing markets as wholesale and Retail seller for Residential as well as Commercial use. We have aim to lead the way in Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East. Hanif Farm Industries provides a wide range of solutions for agriculture producers to enhance their productivity and efficiency to maintain profit margins. In addition to providing reliable agriculture equipment that is more economical for agriculture producers to supply directly to retailers and than through wholesalers. Suppliers of agricultural machinery are always faced with big challenges. The legal requirements for agricultural machinery been considerably tightened and the customer still expects agricultural machinery to work perfectly in dust and be cost-effective. We build things that work the way you wish they would. A new strategy for your business, we integrates the technology and equipments to link operators, producers, managers, and dealers. You can discuss and manage information about your operation or procedure easier than ever before.


Our versatility is our strength. We take pride in the diverse markets we service from commercial to home use products for everyday use. We are famous in providing high-quality agriculture equipments, which reflects our commitment and loyalty to our customers and the company with over 50 years of combined commercial experience in agriculture industry. We pride ourselves in offering great products when it becomes different types of project, we can build disc ploughs, disc harrows, Ridgers, forklift trucks, tractors, etc at low price. Hanif Farm Industries is open to new methods, types of structures and designs we build. It is excited for us to try something new and we always come out of it with something more we can offer our customers. In addition, we have commitment to keep our company stronger and to be a dependable and consistent agri-equipment source for our customers.


We have 50 years of outstanding global experience in delivering innovation policy, agriculture innovation strategies and new services and we also have experience and knowledge to fulfill all your agriculture machinery requirements. We have a great team with excellent and highly efficient skills, who takes pride to undertake the project and commits to deliver good quality and customer satisfaction. We are the leading main contractor and we are dedicated to provide excellent and impressive performance agriculture machinery to all our clients.