Reversible Disc Plough



• Useful in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition and in soils where scouring is a problem.
• Heavy-duty clearance allows the plough to operate under heavy crop residual
• Simple and easily operated reversing  mechanism.
• Also suitable for small pieces of land 
• Taper roller bearing on Discs and Furrow wheel.
• 3 Point linkage. 
• Adjust vertical and horizontal angle of discs. 
Spring –loaded and adjustable furrow wheel.
• Stand for safety.


  • Frame type                            Square Section
  • Number of furrow                    3, 4,
  • Max. working depth               300mm
  • Longitudinal clearance         522mm
  • Furrow wheel dia                   560mm
  • Plain discs                            660mm-inside or outside bevel Taper roller
  • Bearings                                Taper roller